Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Intro to social computing

A colleague plucked up the courage to approach me today and ask about how I keep up to date.

They have a major issue with email overload and are a little technologically challenged.

After a bit of discussion around the details of the issue we had a look at some blogs, RSS Feeds and social tagging tools.

It was then I tied a few threads together (Chris Collison - Social Bookmarking made simple...; Patrick Lambe - Blogs can calm the raging sea; Matt Moore - You've got (more) mail; Chris Fletcher - Do you RSS?) and ended up directing them to some great short intros to various social computing tools at Commoncraft including:

Great way to communicate the meaning without a camtasia screenshot fest.



Patrick said...

That would be the Welsh spelling of my name Cory? ;)

Corza said...

My most humble of apologies. Surely it's all they same for those who eminate from the British Isles? ;)