Monday, March 06, 2006

Change through New Comers

A discussion with a colleague last week has got me thinking about a particular tactic for introducing the adoption of KM practices and use of KM tools and activities in an organisation.

It mainly revolves around ensuring that staff that enter the organisation are given the "Upsized Value Meal" briefing of KM practices and tools combined with anecdotes and examples of the benefits gained from utilising them.

When people enter an organisation it could be said that they are more receptive to change in that they are entering a new environment and are (hopefully) prepared for a new culture and environment (don't know if anyone has conducted research on this).

What's more, there is usually an elevated level of enthusiasm and motivation when a person starts a new role in a new organisation (again don't know if any studies have been done). They may be more receptive to suggestion on ho to make it easier fir them to get work done and they may be more open to believing in the benefits that KM practices can provide as opposed to veterans who may be treating things as the 'new fad' or 'latest craze'.